Marta is a London-based documentary filmmaker, photographer and writer. Her

journey in storytelling started while volunteering for an educational foundation in Armenia, where she created short films in collaboration with local communities.


Being born and raised in Armenia - a hub of Transcaucasian culture, then

studying in Moscow and relocating to the UK allowed her to explore the

complexities of migration and the effect of multicultural environments on her

creative identity. Since then, she has focused on documentary photography and directing , which has allowed her to interact with real-life characters whilst creating her own visual aesthetic. Her interest lies in the exploration of memory and heritage through powerful visual metaphors.


Her most recent project, documentary short 'Arquivo', shines a light

on the devastating tragedy of the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro. It was her

first short film to enter festivals and become nominated in the 'Best

Documentary' category in Rio. 


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